The company HONITON was founded in 1979. It is a leader between the worldwide producers of the tools and is specialising in producing spanners, sets of sockets and other tools.

In 2004 the company invented and took out a patent for the type „HONIDRIVER“ Which contains sets of sockets, Combination and ratchet spanners. Each tool has the DIN code certification and gained a recognition worldwide.

It’s endeavour is to monitor trends in producing tools and invent new products. That’s why the company HONITON has persistent position, thanks to producing their own tools. The products go through a consequentual check-up to achieve maximum customers‘ satisfaction. Innovation and development of the products are very important for the company HONITON! If you are looking for a trustfulness and strong producer of the tools, the HONITON tools are the best for you as it is the best in it’s branch of business.

Quality certificate HONITON
There was a certficate created based on tests in engineering institution which confirms the following norms.

ČSN EN ISO 6789:2005
DIN 3112:2007
DIN 3113:2007
DIN 3122:1989
DIN 3123:1989
DIN 3124:1980
DIN ISO 691:2007
DIN ISO 2351-1:2007